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Name Elden Ring
Publisher ranninte
Format File
Rating 4.60 / 5 ( 5209 votes )
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The world between two dimensions.

The Elden Ring Torrent Download is a fantasy action RPG which takes place in an enormous open world. It casts away the boundaries of a particular location and instead allows players to freely move and enjoy the game world.

In the game, the main character fights battles against a large number of monsters while maintaining their invisibility by becoming a Summon.

If all goes well, they can acquire the power of Elden Lords, and they can then return to their original world. The main objective is to overcome the obstacles, find an Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack, and return to the world.

Many other Elden Lords—friends, rivals, and enemies—may await you along the way. The ultimate fantasy action RPG awaits the daring and adventurous.


• Within These Two Dimensions
There exists an endless world of people, monsters, and elements of nature between these two dimensions. It is a world in which Elden Lords advance by the grace of a divine aura that flows through the Elden rings.

• A Diverse World with Complex Customization
The main world of the game is one gigantic open world map that is connected by a number of routes.

In addition to open world features, dungeons are fully customizable. You can choose whether you want to go through dungeons filled with traps, goblins, and monsters, or pass through them as your home town.

• Variety of Dungeons
You can choose dungeons of various levels, depending on your preference. Dungeons have their own unique and distinctive designs that deliver various challenges.


• Play with the Left Joystick
The game is controlled using the left stick.

• System Configuration
You can change the appearance, the sound, and the gameplay settings in the configuration menu.

• Joystick Setup
You can setup the game with a Joy-Con each.

• Keyboard Control
Keyboard control can be selected in the configuration menu.

• Controller Support
Support for the PlayStation VR, XBOX One, Switch, and other controllers is available in the configuration menu.

• Optional Controller for Home Browser Function
The home browser function can be set to use the R button on a controller. When you want to use the function, you need to configure the controller with the button used for it.

• Custom Commands
You can set customized commands and shortcuts on the keyboard in the configuration menu.

• Custom Commands on


Features Key:

  • A Multilayered Story
  • A Rich World
  • Gorgeous Graphics and Action-Packed Battles
  • High-end Online Action
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    Gamespot Review – 9/10

    The easiest way to describe « Elsword: Tides of Fate » is that it’s an action RPG with a crafting system. It’s a combination that normally wouldn’t go together, but together they make for a superb game experience.

    In « Elsword », the world is divided into three types of zones — red, orange, and yellow. These zones, and the strength of the different lands that control them, determine the appearance, strengths, and weaknesses of each individual class.

    Since this game has an action RPG focus, you will likely want to focus on the combat. The combat is as simple as it gets. You are able to attack, block, and dodge, while clicking on the right mouse button. This can sometimes get annoying, especially when some of the enemies are foes that really aren’t worth fighting. But, you only have to deal with enemies that aren’t worth fighting once per minute, so it’s quite tolerable. You can also spam the attack button, but that’s just silly. After you defeat a boss, however, you can use a « cure » attack on them. The three types of « cures » you can use are force field, resurrection, and dispel. In terms of force fields and resurrections, they need to be unlocked by earning experience points, so they aren’t immediately available. The cure spells, however, are on a much faster cooldown.

    Gamasutra Review – 8/10

    There’s a large variety of classes, so you can get just about any character you want. The playability of combat may vary depending on class, but generally, it’s fun and easy to play.

    What makes this game so good is just how much you can do with it. With six classes (and the option to play as a neutral character), you can customize almost every aspect of your avatar. Classes have different strengths and weaknesses, so it depends on what you choose, but in general, it’s a pretty easy game to level up and unlock new content.

    The only things that really hold you back are the required skill points. With the right attributes, you could easily reach level 30 in the first dungeon, but that still isn’t enough to do any real damage until you unlock the next class. Fortunately, you can still get a lot of value out of the game even when you’re stuck on level 5. The real appeal


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download from our website link
  • Reboot the system to start with a new saved game so that you can completely remove the previous version.
  • Install game.exe as the setup program. WinRAR,7-zip or a rar file extractor or similar program can be used to extract the content of the rar file.
  • In the folder to extract the game, you’ll find a folder entitled « upgrade ». Move this folder so that it will be the first during extraction. (the folder named Upgrade is found near the Tarnished app.exe in this example picture)
  • Double-click on Tarnished game.exe to start playing the game. Afterwards, search for the character creation screen.
  • Start the game once again, go through the process of character creation and the game’s main menu. Finally open the Tarnished app. If you’re a newbie, you need to do this. You might want to refer to this support page: >

  • Create a shortcut to the game, for example place it on your desktop.
  • Remember, to exit the game, right-click on the shortcut on your desktop and click on the « Stop » button.
    Now it’s time to log into your Battle.net account to complete the installation of Elden Ring
  • Go to Settings->Account->Activate the account you logged on for the first time ever.
    Enter the account activation code followed by the « . »