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Name Elden Ring
Publisher carwaka
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As a successful publisher, SQUARE ENIX has experienced growth with an effective strategy that leverages on both its own established IPs and third-party IPs, including FINAL FANTASY, DRAGON QUEST, and a myriad of more than 1000 other titles. Through the continued development of the FINAL FANTASY series, the company consistently grows its IP portfolio, and is now including PS4 as a new target platform. We are currently discussing with various publishers and third parties how we would like to pursue the development of next-generation games.

ABOUT EDGE GAME STUDIOS EDGE GAME STUDIOS is a video game development studio located in the center of the world, Los Angeles, California. The studio is a subsidiary of SQUARE ENIX and was founded in 2015. SQUARE ENIX is a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software worldwide and has a history of publishing and developing titles for consoles and PC platforms. Their current portfolio includes hit franchises FINAL FANTASY, DRAGON QUEST, TOMB RAIDER, ARKANE, and are currently working on GUISMO. SQUARE ENIX is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and has regional headquarters and offices in Cambridge, Boston, London, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Sydney, and Tokyo. For more information, please visit www.square-enix.com.

※ The English language voice cast will be revealed at a later date.




※ ©2015 Square Enix Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

■ All trademarks are properties of their owners.iOS 5 Beta 6 Released to Developers: iOS 5.0.1, 5.0.2

As the clock strikes midnight and usher in the new year, Apple released its third iOS 5.0.1 beta to developers today. The build comes about one week after Apple rolled out the first major update to iOS 5.0, which has a ton of new features and features in tow — iCloud being chief among them.

The fourth major iOS 5.0 update, iOS 5.0.2, is slated for release tomorrow, Jan. 10, but developers can check out the first update


Features Key:

  • A time-tested mythology of magic and fantasy
    Storytellers such as Tamriel, Elsweyr, Valenwood, and Oblivion rest in the Lands Between in the form of primordial beasts. These primordial beasts serve as the source of inherent magic that resides in the people of the Lands Between. The Vast Lands Between are home to many of these primordial beasts, and the Elden Lords are their descendants who control magic that has been passed down through the people, enabling them to bring forth spells that become available as collectible attachments.
  • A Fantasy Action RPG
    Adventure, action, and role-playing elements are seamlessly intermixed. While most of the action is set in outdoor missions, large-scale battles can be engaged in certain situations where you control the monsters. You can use your accumulated experience to take on enemies and challenge them one on one.
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
  • Adventure Awakening
    You can awaken the forbidden memories of a dead world, and become reborn as a different character with a different appearance. Your old weapons and armor can be used as collectible attachments that can be equipped in the new body.
  • Create Your Own Character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
  • Enchanting Battle System
    You can enchant your arrows, increase the effect of your magic, and efficiently launch traps that can not only stun enemies, but also propel them to a desired direction. You can then unleash powerful spells that can deal huge amounts of damage while being the most efficient at dealing damage.
  • Play Single- or Multiplayer Dailies
    For a limited time, you can enjoy select and daily missions with one another online or offline, with up to four players at once.
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    A multilayered story told in fragments.


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    « The art direction, soundtrack, gameplay… everything is just very well done. »

    « Even if you are only interested in the gameplay, you can’t go wrong with the graphics. »

    « The storyline is absorbing and the gameplay is smooth. »

    « It’s not a simple action game. There’s a lot of strategy in battle. It’s a game that you can actually learn how to play, so it’s quite interesting. »

    « I would have liked the ability to equip more than just one type of weapon, and I might have enjoyed it more if the battle system were easier to grasp. But I think the game’s main problem is the long loading times. If I played for longer, I would have been able to get used to the system and enjoy it more. »

    « The controls are simple and easy to use, and the game seems to respond to any mistakes quickly. »

    « The environment is nicely detailed, and there’s a lot to do in both the real and the dark worlds. »

    « The battle system is a bit unfair. »

    « The various strategies to use in battle and the diversity of maps make the game a pleasure to play. »

    « I highly recommend playing this game for the quality of its production values. »



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    (2) Up / Downs

    Attack (Alt – Mouse):

    (2) Left / Right

    Chase (Space):

    (2) Left / Right

    Attack Dash (Alt + mouse):

    (1) Up / Down

    Charging Attack (Ctrl + Mouse):

    (2) Left / Right

    Parry (Double tap Mouse):

    (2) Up / Down

    Jump (Space):

    (2) Left / Right

    Attack Dash (Alt + Space)

    (1) Up / Down

    Swap Weapon/Skill (F1):

    (2) Left / Right

    Customize (F9):

    (3) Left / Right / Down


    (3) Left / Right / Down

    Boost Follow (F9 + F10)

    (2) Up / Down

    Boost Retarget (F9 + F11)

    (2) Up / Down

    Retarget Follow (F9 + F10)

    (2) Up / Down

    Retarget Boost (F9 + F11)

    (2) Up / Down

    Retarget Retarget Follow (F9 + F10)

    (2) Up / Down

    Player Profile (F12):

    Profile (F12) – Update

    • Your current placement (Master / Battle Master / Newbie /…)

    – You can check and confirm your Elo rating in the Ranking Match battle.

    • Your current unit name (Herald / Swordman / Dragon /…)

    – You can check and confirm your unit name in the Elo Battle battle.

    • Your current level (Lvl 5 / Lvl 10 /… /…)

    – You can check and confirm your current level in the World Map mode.

    • Your current weapon

    – You can change and display your weapon in your unit information screen.

    • Your current armor class (AC)

    – You can change and confirm your equipment in the Battle menu.

    • Your current skills (Skill 1 / Skill 2 / Skill 3 / Skill 4 / Skill 5 / Skill 6 /…)

    – You can check and confirm your skills in the Skill menu.

    • Your current Color (


    What’s new:

    Game Features

    ★ 16 languages support with interface in English and Japanese.
    – Play with multiple characters.
    – Multiple Storylines.
    – Combat system that takes strategy and purpose into consideration.
    – Create your own character and play how you like.
    – Styles such as Warriors and Mages, to discover a wide variety of play-styles.
    – A variety of items you can equip.
    – Multiple combat abilities.
    – You can combine weaponry, armor, and magic to develop your character.
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    System Requirements:

    Currently the quest and content of the Lich King’s Tomb is located on the US server.
    Completion of the Lich King’s Tomb quest line is a required prerequisite for both the Anima of Death achievement and Insane Achievement Warlord of the Blackfathom Deeps.
    At the time of this patch, players are unable to claim the achievement due to the current hotfix mechanics, therefore it will not grant credit on players who complete the quest line.
    World Environment Changes:
    Icecrown Citadel was originally the location


    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher carwaka
    Format File
    Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 6968 votes )
    Update (10 days ago)


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