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Join the Lands Between in an epic battle to claim a place among the Elden Lords! The Elden Lords are strong, adept in the ways of the sword, and in possession of the majestic Elden Ring. Skillfully win battles and rise to become a true member of the Court of Elden.

■ Features

1. Fate Based Battle System that Tracks Moves and Attacks
— A Fate System that uses true timing to avoid the difficulty of incorrect commands.
— Players have « Grapple » a target to attack before the enemy attacks.
— Players can move freely by pressing the move button once in a turn.
— Players can have only one direction of movement, allowing users to use the direction of movement of the character in order to accomplish the goal.
2. Customization
— Players can freely customize the appearance of their characters and can freely combine weapons, armor and magic.
— Players can freely equip items and can freely find dungeons.
— Players can freely evolve.
— Players can freely customize the form of their characters.

■ Characters

• You are a Tarnished, a terrifying life-taker who will wield the power of the Elden Ring, and aim to be an Elden Lord.

• Lords will use the Elden Ring to live long and will commit every act to achieve that purpose.

• Summoners and Runners, who dedicate their lives to the Elden Ring, live a life of self-sacrifice and serve the Order.

■ Merchants

• As a Lord, you will create guilds in the Lords’ Town to fight for you.

• Runners have a selfless nature and are willing to fight with a different quest in mind, but Merchants have a selfish nature and want to achieve their own goals.

■ Other Characters

• Other characters will appear, depending on the area that is currently displayed.
• A large variety of weapons can be obtained, depending on whether the mission is to kill or to avoid.

■ Setting and Scenario

• The Lands Between are a sea of lush, green fields with rivers and riverside towns.
• As a result of a war, the Lands Between have been brought to a standstill and ruins and ruin towns have taken the place of the fields.
• The ruins are populated with monsters, and the weeds and bushes have grown to enormous size.

■ Developers

• Ateam that has developed games such


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A full fantasy RPG with a vast world, which you can explore as you want.
    An epic drama where you fight in an online environment, where the narratives of the characters interrelate.
    Spheres that act as a connection point with others.

    Game features:

    • A game full of invention where the combat encounters and events flow seamlessly through one another.
      Create your own characters with a variety of character customization, and combine weapons and armor.
      A variety of weapons and spells that can change based on the environment.
      Adventure and fight in an online environment, where you can directly connect with other players.

    Character Features:

      Character creation is supported by variable number of statistics. With battles, the amount of damage your sword can deal, based on the battle situation, also influences your traits. Furthermore, while the battle action proceeds, the same elements can be reflected in your abilities.
      For example, in a fierce battle, if your muscles are strained, your strength increases.
      In addition, your role is strengthened when the race of the other participants are aligned with your own.
      For example, if you use your mano�a (fist) and your opponent uses his long bow, you become a superior melee combatant.
      You can also utilize combat magic and enhance your battle power.
      Based on your own philosophy, you can mold your character into one that is representative of your play style.
      Each statistics has been assigned to a difficulty for the character creation. If you play a passive character, you can set your stats for the desired role at the creation of your character.
      If you play a battle-oriented character, set your stats for the desired role from the beginning.

    Character Collections:

      Because the selection of your armor and weapons is incredibly large, at character creation, a selection screen will be automatically displayed.
      There are four different collections that you can choose from.
      The number of battle items will fluctuate according to the collection that you select. There are five different qualities of weapons, special armor, books, potion, and spells that you can purchase, in the order of drop rate.
      In addition, the five types of weapons have unique attributes. These are divided into long sword, sword, great sword


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      “The only downside of this game would be the parts where you’re stuck with some of the NPCs, as you can’t really go anywhere except for what’s shown by the map (and there’s very little to show).”
      “Elden Ring and its version for the PS4 is a welcome and quite long awaited release in the west.”
      “Even if the story is far from extraordinary, the exploration element is a perfect fit for a JRPG. The game is so packed with features you’ll find it hard to find time to play in the various possibilities it offers.”
      “Now, combine that with the online portions of Elden Ring’s PS4 version and you’ve got a pretty excellent RPG experience.”
      “Elden Ring is one of the best JRPGs of the generation, and their PlayStation 4 version is even better.”
      “The visual improvement and the addition of online multiplayer are the main highlights of this version of the game.”
      “Fun action-RPG with a decent story. It could have been better if it was more able to stand on its own.”
      “The good thing about this release is that the graphics, gameplay and design are all extremely well done. The main downside here is that the gameplay can get repetitive at times.”
      May 20, 2015
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      NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG! Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
      Elemental Battles
      Caster and enemy, who have a specific elemental affinity, fight in battle. In each battle, you can determine which enemy will be attacked with which element.

      Battles and Skills
      You can equip battle skills to your character. When you use a skill, you will consume your equipped weapon elements for a battle, and determine which elemental strike will be launched by that amount.

      Character Skills
      There are various passive skills that are applied to your character. Some of these skills can be equipped, and some of them cannot. You can equip weapons and armor with an element, and decrease the amount of each element consumed during battles.

      In the NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG, the deep and complex mechanics of the Elden Ring are still a core element.
      Elements, Battles, and Skills
      Mainly, battles take place by applying the « element of your advantage » to your character. Depending on the element that you select for a battle, you will consume one or more elements to obtain the advantage. These elements are different depending on which element you select and are set for each battle.
      For example, if you use the element « Wind » to battle, you will consume « Wind » elements to launch wind-type damage. For those who have an affinity to « Wind, » the element is « Wind » will be easily triggered.
      This is a simple example. In the NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG, it is a beautiful world where people who have various thoughts and storylines interact together, and the deep and complex mechanics of the Elden Ring are still a core element.
      A Powerful Mission
      In addition to the mechanisms of the Elden Ring, there are also many other aspects that allow you to fight in order to become a powerful Elder Lord in the future. You will receive hundreds of quests from the various NPCs, along with the option to complete an adventure and increase your battle power.
      An agent who can stand on top of his predecessor and


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Mon, 20 Oct 2015 14:32:37 +0900
      GG.RUCH, a strategy-RPG Made in Japan, Mascots & Items Chosen From 80’s CartoonsI’ve been half-expecting some sort of cooperation between Playism and the Japanese studio that was going to make a strategy-RPG; but I’m starting to doubt that the relations between Japan & Europe, good as they are, are enough to offset all the cultural difference here to make such a game from Europe practical. Well, I’ve put all my expectations aside, because it’s a shame to await few screenshots of this interesting project, and I actually wanted to do some pictorial analysis of the characters they came up with. Apparently, the game has “eighties” as a genre: along with the already-mentioned strategy, there will be a card game, a coin game, and a battle game.

      The 12 mascot characters are actually a parody of many 80s mascots. I’ve been sifting them, and I came up with this:

      On one side we have a group-mind: KOPIIKI BAKA, G.O.D. and JOKER WIZARD. Also, it’s worth noting that all the mascots in the game have doubled up in the English language, so now “G.O.D.” is “Goddess of Destruction,” “Joker Wizard” is “Joker Creature,” “KOPIIKI BAKA” is “Sacred Emperor Kanev,” and so on…

      On the other side is the infamous FREAK IGOCHAU, YEETEE’S HARSH REALITY, YUU-RAI-TAI MASTER, and WISHKEE PEDAM. Can’t wait to see what’s on their cartoon-desciptions!

      Now, a quick glance through the gameplay aspects:
      – Character creation is pretty easy, and allows for customization.


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      How to install ELDEN RING?
      First, you must download and extract the game, then, run the game and follow the instructions to install it.

      How to install ELDEN RING game:

      2. After downloading all the game components, move on to the installation.

      3. Uninstall the previous version (if already installed)

      3. Run the install files and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

      4. After the completion of the installation ( if needed ), the game will be in pause mode.

      The game will start after entering continue and will run correctly after the completion of the game.

      How to install ELDEN RING game:

      How to install ELDEN RING game:


      1. Download the original game.

      2. Extract the game.

      3. Run the setup.exe.

      4. Copy the crack files into the game directory.

      5. Start the game.

      6. Enjoy the game.

      How to install ELDEN RING game:

      Q:Where can i find the Original ELDEN RING Game?
      A:You can find the original ELDEN RING game at GITHUB:Fzfz99 If you are downloading from GITHUB, you will be redirected to github and a link to download the game will be displayed.

      Q:How to Crack ELDEN RING on PPSSPP?
      A: If you wish to install an original game, you must first install LTP on your PC in order to crack the game. If you don’t know how to install LTP, just follow our tutorial. After the installation of LTP, go to the game folder, then click on the « Menu » button, you will see an option named « Crack Game.

      Q:I already installed and cracked ELDEN RING game, but the game still doesn’t work.
      A: First check if you’ve entered the Game directory correctly. If you’ve installed it in the wrong directory, you can move it to the correct directory.

      Q:I Already Installed and Cracked ELDEN RING Game, But When I Start The Game, It Show Error Like this
      A: First, please allow running games in


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download the trial or full version from the link here, Run on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and tick the box to activate.
    • After the installation completes click on the installer file to proceed the installation.
    • Once installation completes Run the setup as administrator and choose Yes of the license agreement.
    • When the installation is complete run the game and create an account for the game via the in-game account option.
    • Complete the first world and login to the game and play.
    • Enjoy!

    Key Feature:

    • Unique Online Multiplayer Element (Can drop character to another company player) to adventure together and break through the adventure scenario of the future.
    • Poison System to feel the world of the game.
    • High Quality Voice over and Dialogue for any emotion.
    • Gorgeous Graphics to make the game smooth and enjoyable.
    • Fully customizable your character.
    • Customize appearance.
    • Customize your skills.
    • Customize equipment.
    • Customize spells.
    • Experience a dramatic tale of the Elden Ring.

    Download link:

    I received my gift two days ago and needless to say I was overwhelmed.

    I remember the first time I went to a comic convention (and geeks were just called « comics geeks ») I felt so out of place that I vowed never to go again.

    During the last two years I discovered the wonderful art and history of webcomics and I feel they are growing in



    System Requirements:

    This guide is meant to be an all-in-one resource for the Metro Exodus Survival Guide, I am running this on my main account, I’m at level 12, and I have no problems at all.
    A Note on Requirements and Video Settings:
    For this Survival Guide, I’m running the game on the PS4, my resolution is 1080p, and my video settings are like this:
    I’m running the game at minimum settings and I’m at 60 FPS on my TV. If


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