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Back in the most golden days of the dawn of time, a man wandered the lands between in search of his destiny. In the endless plains, he witnessed untold wonders of old that would not be forgotten, and he asked himself, « What is my true purpose? »
His quest was to seek the light in the darkest of darkness, the ultimate purpose of his life; an Elden Ring that binds the life of one with the land of the dead. But in the cracks of time and space, he sensed the presence of another man whose destiny was intertwined with his own. A man, the like of whom had not been seen for ages…. The man thus wondered, « Who is he… and why does he seek me?… where can I find him? »

In one night, he met a mysterious man, and they made a contract and a covenant. The Elden Ring Game Original Writer: Kayo Staropoliya Developer: Airship Abyss Producer: Andre Arochiete Creative Director: Joel Chenet


Airship Achievement is a strong-sensing speed runner that rewards players for various actions in advance.

By completing the actions of other players, people who do not run Airship Achievement will be able to obtain medals based on their rank.

Players can challenge each other during the map run event at the end of the run and attempt to achieve trophies.

Rank 1-9 are used for the completion of tasks and achievements.

Rank 10 is used to complete the entire map run event. The number of trophies given are shown in the title of the medal.

The following medals are rewarded for completing the map run.

Airship Achievement Key Medal Main Platinum Medal Requirements Rank 10 Win a Gold title in the default maps Repeat 30 times Rankings and trophies such as rank 1-9 medals are not required for Platinum Medal Rank 10 Win a Gold title in the All-Pick maps Repeat 30 times Rankings and trophies such as rank 1-9 medals are not required for Platinum Medal Win a Gold title in the All-Star maps Repeat 30 times Rankings and trophies such as rank 1-9 medals are not required for Platinum Medal Win a Gold title in the Past Games (DLC 1) Repeat 30 times Rankings and trophies such as rank 1-9 medals are not required for Platinum Medal Complete the Game (DLC 2) Share 3 maps Share 20 maps

■Map Run Game Play

At the end of the map run


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Map & Craft

    • Wield the power of an elemental magic weapon and forge the lands of the Lands Between in seamless dungeons, according to the strategy you devise.
    • Craft Alchemy and Clothing Items to outfit your character, choosing unique weapons and armor to enhance your sense of pride as a lord and bounty-hunting adventurer.
    • Investigate the Kingdoms of the Lands Between and eliminate the innumerable monsters that inhabit the world.
  • Create and Control Your Party

    • Build up a fabulous party full of strong and agile warriors. Each member of the party has her own strengths and fighting style and can move freely within the dungeons.
    • Each adventurer has a unique set of attributes, including attack power, defense, and magic skills.
    • Each one has its own fighting style, allowing for a variety of play styles.
  • Save the Lands Between

    • You alone are the only one who can save the Lands Between. Listen to your own feelings about the story, and defeat all the monsters to create peace in the hearts of the people.
  • Character Building

    • Character Creation: Easy to use, suitable for beginners.
    • Character Development: Easy to use, with four levels of difficulty from the first lesson onward.
    • Character Customization: Easily customize the appearance of your character.
    • Merge Character: Combine two to four characters, and cultivate the strong ones among them. Enjoy endless adventure.
  • Play Rules

    1. The game will take place in the Lands Between, in a world of mystery and fantasy that is highly likely to surprise you.

    2. Your party members will automatically enter dungeons that you conquer and explore with them. If you have any other party members, other adventurers will be placed on your map. If your party consists of only one adventurer, your map will be displayed in the World Map.

    3. Your party members can move freely on the map, but they


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    “What is anticipated in particular is the game’s story, which combines originality and visual appeal to create an exciting adventure.”

    Games Industry International

    COMMENT Elden Ring Free Download game:

    “I’d like to see the concept of « heroes with flaws » represented in the RPG world more often.”


    “An Elden Ring Download With Full Crack game that takes a break from its traditional setting, but one which does not shy away from mature subject matter, would be an interesting puzzle.”

    Tokyo Game Show

    Source: Fighting Game Magazine


    “The story in the game is fantastic. The graphics, music, and voice acting are the absolute best that a Sony game has to offer.”


    “Shin’en understands what consumers want from a fantasy game, as they successfully achieve the desired level of interaction and character development.”


    “Shin’en’s Superdimension Neptunia RPG is a new experience unlike anything else that may have been released previously. Fans of the franchise and new RPG players alike should definitely get their hands on it.”

    Graphics Magazine

    Source: Gunpei Yokoi Arts Festival 2015Q:

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    •An Action RPG with Elements of a Tactical RPG

    Play an action-oriented RPG that mixes the epic storyline of the Lands Between with a tactical battle system and RPG elements.

    Tactical RPG battle system:

    The combination of real-time battles and turn-based strategic battles allows you to play through the story while battling large-scale enemies.

    RPG Elements:

    The magic system has an emphasis on parrying, which can lead to various new tactics. There are also various weapons, accessories, skills, items, and options for stats and magical abilities that you can use to increase your battles.

    Epic storyline:

    The Lands Between are an age of chaos as the world is torn by civil wars. The people who now live there are scattered throughout the lands. When, one day, a man from the Kingdom of Elves appeared before them, he brought the hope of salvation. The lands of the Elves were liberated from the empire, and the souls of those who had lost their bodies to the empire were taken to the Kingdom of Elves, thereby restoring the world to normal.

    However, in the Kingdom of Elves, the fallen gods of the empire were fused into a single being who calls himself the All-Father. It is said that if the All-Father is reborn, the world will end. Only one person can stand against the All-Father, but he will not be able to do it alone, and he must seek help from all corners of the world. You will be taking the role of a person who has not followed in your family’s footsteps.

    • A Quest for Glory

    Do you have what it takes to become an Elden Lord?

    You will have to take on the mission of recovering all the Elden Lords who have fallen in battle against the All-Father and protecting them from where they are, and lead them to safety.

    • An Exciting Online-Play That Loosely Connects You to Others

    Regardless of whether you are playing with other people, you will be able to fight together as you quest through the world.

    Online play:

    •You can play both in multiplayer, where you can travel together through the world, and in asynchronous multiplayer, where you can play with other people at the same time. •You can change your character’s weapons or armor and magic as you level up. •You can equip a variety of items, and you can customize them


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    12-05-2015, 06:09 PM


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    It’s a great idea for a game. However, is it really worthwhile buying? Let’s explain.

    – The first thing that comes out of the video is the fact that you are a lord. This makes the whole game look good, and makes me interested in giving it a try, but there is not much justice in the way you are portrayed (usually you get dressed up in a fancy outfit, you sit on a throne, the unique part.) First, you are an existing character in a story, and you have to « act natural ». That is, no fancy outfit, no throne, no history of looking great. Second, there is nothing actually playing the part of a lord. The game looks great (nice graphics and concept), but your character is kind of a half-baked version of what lords of the past really were (they always fought amongst themselves). You are not doing anything, but you still try to appear noble. Â
    – Basically, it’s a game for fantasy people only, not RPG people. This is not a game meant to be played, but a game meant to be watched. Â


    – The graphics are amazing, the animation is fantastic. It matches well with the gameplay. Â
    – The voice acting is professional. Â
    – The music is great (it changes when you start fighting) Â
    – The sound effects are great. They are appropriately adjusted to the gameplay. Â

    – There are no careers because there is no need to have one. You are a lord, and lords do not become other lords. I understand the developers needed to get something out of the game at first, but then they should have created a job system that would have been a much better idea. Â


    – Yes, it’s a nice game. But it’s a very small game. A very small experience. It can never compete with the hype when games like Dragon’s Dogma were released. It’s a demo game for now. Â
    – Until the developers put some effort into their gameplay and the ‘careers’, this title will not survive for long. Â

    9-12-2013, 11:25 AM


    Gifts Received



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    size_t len = v.size();
    vector v2(len + 1);


    I expect that after a call to v.swap(), v will be equal to v2 and v2 will contain the same values as v, however, it seems that a destructor in MyClass is getting called before the swap, which throws an std::bad_alloc.
    I’ve tried this in both Qt 4.5.2 and 4.8.3 on Windows.
    Also, I have tried to decrease the capacity of the vector, which seems to work:

    So it seems that what happens is that the destructor of the MyClass is called first, then the constructor of the vector is called, which throws the exception. However, the constructor of the vector is called before the swap, so I’m wondering why that happens.
    Here’s the constructor and destructor of MyClass:
    MyClass::MyClass() : m_index(0), m_data(0) {


    MyClass::~MyClass() {



    As for why this happens, it is because swap() changes the storage (by copying vector over itself), but does not call destructors, and destructor are called before assignment.
    For explanation that this swap() is « not as good » as vector.resize() see Reference, but note that it assumes that vector is empty.
    For details of why it fails see C++11 Standard

    If a program calls for a constructor or a destructor of a class X that does not already have a
    constructor or destructor with the same parameters and the same accessibility


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  • Key Features:

    • 24 Player Multiplayer Online
    • 3D Exploring
    • A Story Born from the Latest Literature
    • A Miraculous World
    • The Greed for Power and the Friendship Between People
    • Over a Million Enemies
    • A Path to Treat an Illusionary Enemy
    • Lothar, Humans’ Hellhound Enemy
    • Voiceover by Actors
    • 3D Artwork

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    AMD Radeon R9 290 or equivalent
    AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent



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