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The Elden Ring Game in the digital world is an exciting fantasy action RPG developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES CORPORATION.

We are now recruiting professionals to join us as dev. team and technical staff.

For more information on the position, please see the Official Application Form, which can be downloaded here.

● Application Form
Application form here!

PlayStation®4 Gamers:

The Elden Ring Game is also available on PlayStation®4 (PS4™) as a game that supports PlayStation®Network.

● System Requirements


RAM: 512MB



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Features Key:

  • An Epic World
    Vast open fields, huge dungeons that have multiple floors connected together, and huge monsters call the Lands Between home. The three-dimensional design of the places you visit is so diverse and exciting that you might even encounter a jewel Thief or Vilemaster.
  • Hand-drawn World Exploration
    The world of Katos is rendered with a hand-drawn style, which has a realistic charm. Epic scene animations will easily draw you into the story as you explore the virtual world. Take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy the landscapes and majestic mountains that the world of Katos has to offer.
  • 10 Unique Characters
    Enhance your character with ten different jobs such as the dexterous Thief or the protective Beast Handler, and encounter an enhanced and interesting world as you rise in status. As you rise in status, you will obtain a wide range of outfits, Magic, and equipment and experience unexpected events.
  • Online Play that is Rich in Content and Variety
  • Vault Features:

    • Action Intense & Quick to Develop
      You can mix in different elements from other installments of the X Rebirth story, like the Onyx Heroes, and develop your character with unprecedented ease. The variety of action combinations will leave your tactical mind exhilarated!
    • Vault style game play that offers an unrivaled degree of freedom

    New Features Introduced in this Main Update, Version 1.2 ( V1.2-E1 ):

    • Enhanced and Improved Online Play
    • Players can now connect to the following servers:
      – Egypt
      – Albania
      – Nigeria
      – Korea
      – Malaysia
      – Greece
      – Argentina
      – Serbia
      – Turkey
      – Colombia
      – United Arab Emirates
      – Thailand
      – Brazil
      – Romania
      – Netherlands
    • Legendary Item Enchantment Support Added to Alchemy
    • Legendary Item Enchantment Support Added to Blacksmithing
    • Fashion Shop Support Added for Shopping and Opening

      Elden Ring Crack + Torrent [Updated] 2022




      Elden Ring PvP Preview

      Co-Op Review (optional spoiler)

      If you have interest in PvP…

      If you have interest in PvP, then you should check out Elden Ring. I can’t say much without spoiling anything for people who aren’t familiar with the game, but the gist is that it’s an awesome fantasy action RPG that focuses on multiplayer gameplay. The game supports up to eight players at one time and allows for players to teleport to other players in real-time.

      It also allows for you to join in on different events that the other players take part in, including a race to complete a dungeon. It’s a very interesting system that really makes it feel like you’re with a group of people in real life, as they work together to accomplish various tasks together.

      My only complaint is that it’s taking forever to get it out… for those of you that are interested in the game and want to try it out, do it sooner rather than later. It’s not very often that there is a brand new game out for the PlayStation 3 that I am really excited about, so I have been playing it for the last few weeks before it comes out on June 4th.

      The one thing that I didn’t like about it was that I really wanted to see some kind of release date coming up, like the official release date. But there is no official release date yet. I’m assuming that we’ll just have to keep playing it for a while until the official release date, but it would have been nice to get an official release date.

      Anyway, if you guys want to find out about the game, I suggest you check out the official website and maybe watch their trailer a few times, it was kind of confusing for me because they were showing a lot of different parts of the game.

      Game Features/Pros

      The game has absolutely insane graphics that take place in a fantasy action RPG that is very much based on Norse mythology. The art direction and design of the game are pretty incredible, especially for a PS3 game.

      If you have interest in PvP…

      If you have interest in PvP, then


      Elden Ring Download X64 [March-2022]

      You will move through the world of Tarnished. Freely move among various places and talk to people to acquire various items and strengthen your strength and abilities.
      Map map.

      Player Attacker D-POSE. Character Creation [Player]

      Create Name [Player]
      Create Attribute points

      Create [Character Details]
      [Character Description]
      Create [Character Designer]
      Create [Character Name]


      Create Style [Appearance]

      Create Color [Appearance]


      Create Weight [Body]

      Appearance [Body]

      Character Battle, Character Creation [Character Design]

      Create Design [Character Design]
      Create [Gender]
      Design [Gender]
      Create [Dress]


      Set Weapon [Weapon]
      Create [Weapon]
      Weapon Effect
      Weapon Hit


      Set Armor [Armor]
      Create [Armor]
      Create [Armor-effect]


      Set Spell [Spell]
      Create [Spell]
      Set [Lore]
      Set [Spell-effect]
      Set [Spell Description]
      Set [Level]

      Gameplay ELDEN RING game:


      From the menu, you can choose a map that fits your preferences and
      location. Players connected to a certain map can be
      unified to other maps, and it’s also possible to jump
      directly to a map of the opponent’s choice.
      Players can also request to be teleported
      to their chosen map.


      Select the correct target.
      You are going to a battle to kill your opponent.
      The first player who attacks the opponent wins the battle.

      Leader Battle

      Through dialogue, you can request a leader battle.
      The leader battles are arranged in a tournament format. The winner is declared by the number of points.

      A Game of Skills

      Type the correct skill you want to use in a particular combat method. You can select one kind of combat method, and can get an item that you can use at any time during the battle.

      A Battle for Fate


      What’s new:

      The game is now available in “Triple Pack” form, with the following contents:
      • Rune Guard
      • Sin Collector’s Equipment Set
      • Wretched Sun Demon Strength Ring
      This pack can be purchased only when “Triple Pack” becomes available.
      ▼How to play and get started
      -Explore the world of Faerûn with the inventory you collect from elements you encounter.
      -System requirements are as follows:
      Operating System: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10
      Processor: Intel® Core i3 or later / AMD A-Series or later
      Memory (RAM): 2 GB
      Hard Disk: 128 MB
      -You can have one save on PC alone or three saves on PS4™ system with the free same start up code “AUT2.” You can continue from the last save on one platform to the next.
      -Choose the points required to enter the world.
      ▼Available characters and equipment
      Age: 21
      Hair/Eye color: Amber
      Race: Festerling
      Sex: Male
      Clan: Gearhulf Protection Agency
      Strength: 30
      Weakness: –
      Attributes: 4° (Reason)
      Skills: 13°/33°
      Voiced by: Hirofumi Nojima
      Based on: “Festerling” by Smith Rollins published in Dragon Magazine #411, and “Festerling” by Richard “Red” Riffel
      He is the youngest of the trio, and has just reached the height of physical development that a Festerling can achieve. With a slightly rounded torso, a face almost devoid of facial hair, and angled brows, he feels like an early model of someone else. In contrast with this, however, he has a gifted hand with fingers and a long but sharp fingernail. This feature and the strongly angled topography of his nose make him appear to have eyes that peer out at something behind him. His height is much lower than the two others, but his hair is completely different than theirs, having a strong grain and a particularly frizzy pattern of red and black.
      Before becoming a member of the faction, his left hand was split vertically to control the two parts. This split can still be seen on his hand.
      ▼Pure Festerling
      -You can search


      Download Elden Ring Crack + Activation Code (Latest)

      1. Extract the « ELDEN_RING » and « ELDEN_RING_CD.rar » files from
      the « » file to any directory.
      2. Run the game’s main exe from the main folder.
      3. Click « New Game » to play the game.
      4. Follow the instructions on the screen after choosing your gender and race.
      5. Enjoy!
      OLDEN RING CRACKZ at all times.


      Elden Ring.exe All features are available with a final product.

      Elden Ring.exe All features are available with a final product.

      by Elrea
      Activation key:
      1) You need to copy « ELDEN_RING-OHF-1.7.5-eU.exe »
      2) Use original folder (ELDEN_RING-OHF-1.7.5-PC) into your pc or laptop
      3) Execute « ELDEN_RING-OHF-1.7.5-eU.exe »
      4) Enjoy your new cheat at « ELDEN_RING »

      Elden Ring.exe All features are available with a final product.

      According to « Press Release » and its product version (1.7.5, 1.7.2, 1.6.5, 1.5.6 and 1.3.3) the patch version 1.7.5 – update 1.7.5 – update1 – is released on March 20, 2011 (Tues)! That means the Update 1, Final is released!

      This new update (1.7.5) brings a lot of NEW features to the game:

      Characters’ ability to put items into slot 2 has been enabled.
      This allows them to equip two items in Slot 2 and move Item 1 from Slot 1 to Slot 2.

      The Crafting System has been improved. You can now only Craft items for yourself, not to sell.
      Crafting is up to 99% more efficient with experience use. (The enemy’s items have not been changed.)

      A new area has been added. (This area is called the “Cave of the Shadow Dragon”.)
      The Cave of the Shadow Dragon


      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Manual (recommended) installation
      • First, unzip the file to a preferred location. Rename it if you wish.
      • Launch it
      • Press “I” to install
      • Enter your game’s world name
    • Automatic installation
      • Launch the game and you will be directly prompted to install
      • Launch DLC installation
        • Click “Select” and choose a file
        • Choose “Elden Ring Game”
        • Choose to leave using default settings
      • Viola!

    * Please note that in order to attain the maximum benefits of this program, it is highly recommended that you backup any data on your hard drive. The cracks supplied with this application will not touch your original data, and will not overwrite it in any way. Please remember that cracks are illegal and that the finder could be subject to legal action, should it be reported.

    Exclusive Preview:

    The Elden Ring: Grunded the Way

    The Elden Ring: Take Shelter

    The Elden Ring: We Have Never Lived

    The Elden Ring: Fire, Arise!


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Click to view
    ESRB Rating:
    M – Mature
    15+ – Players must be at least 15 years old to play this game
    Play a Game of Fantasy and Danger In a Match 3 Adventure.
    Fight for glory in epic arenas as you and your friends compete for personal glory and the best score!
    Face danger as you and your friends battle against hordes of monsters in a brilliant cast of fantasy creatures!
    Find out more below.
    Show off your skills, compete with friends


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