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I am the Deity of this world created by the gods.
This world is not a corrupt world. However, there are some things that created by gods are imperfect, and a curse from the gods which bring disorder into the world is called Taint.
As Taint appeared in the world, the powers of gods and men became muddled and corruption spread throughout the world. The monsters on the street and the innocent within the cities were being killed off by these Tainted beasts.
Although I created this world, I have also bestowed upon it many bounties.
It would be a great sin if I did not make use of those bounties and extinguish Taint.
I am not an ordinary god.
I am proud of my SELF!
Thus, as the Deity of this world, I will liberate the divine power of the people in this world!
It’s time for me to shine!
I am the Tarnished!
>Ready up, Tarnished!
Climb aboard the Tarnished, the powerful mobile defense robot!


a Unique Action RPG
In this game, you will take on a series of quests and will be the first to defeat the monsters and dungeons in your path to become a legendary hero.
And each quest has four different endings.

・Each World has a Story
Each world has a story that you follow as you travel throughout it.
And each world has a different story that you will experience.

・Enter the World
As you explore the world, you will meet NPCs who will join you and even build up your party.
You can participate in battles with your allies, gain experience from the quests you undertake, and increase your strength as a hero.

・A Tarnished Hero
An epic drama unfolds in this game as you climb, climb, climb your way into the top of the Tarnished Healty System, where you fight the dark forces of evil and the main monster and dungeon bosses, which awaits you at the top…!

・A Diverse Ride
As you ride along, enemies come across your way and show you a challenging road ahead. But be careful, since as a hero, you have the ability to transform into a Tarnished Hero and become a powerful fighting force.


・Game Control
In this game, there are four basic control methods:


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    – Open World Map: Travel with ease between vast open fields and huge dungeons to discover threats and gain new abilities.
    – Downloadable Map: Navigate to the town of Laverine.
    – Dungeons: Having a theme with deep complexity that can be explored over and over.
    – Overflow: When you finish exploring a dungeon, proceed to the final room to reach the floor you were not aware of, thus revealing a secret dungeon.
    – Tunnels: Dig underground to gain new abilities and power up traps.
    – Boss: Fight your way to the top! Have a minimum of eight players.
    – Boss Power: When you are at the final stage of the boss battle, the monster displays its unique special ability and becomes more and more monstrous, and as it disintegrates, you are given a reward.
  • Create your Own Character
    – Fully Customizable Character: Customize with all the finesses.
    – Five Styles of Play: Different playing styles can be experienced by selecting one of the five play styles and changing your image.
    – Allies: Develop your companion and gain powerful abilities based on the combination of your four created companions.
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    – An unfolding storyline with four separate story lines that intertwine, illustrating our tale from the beginning.
    – Accessible story elements and key parts: A multilayered story is told in a manner that anyone can access without needing to understand the language used in the game.
    – Seven combinations of battle: During the battle, you can fuse and redistribute your energy among each of the four companions, and each companion can also grant bonus effects for the ally.
  • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
    – Multiplayer, allowing you to directly connect to your friends and travel together in real time.
    – Asynchronous Online Play, allowing players to feel the presence of others.
  • Epic Achievement Rewards
    – Story Mode: The main scenario can be played in one sitting.
    – Multiplayer: Take on the challenge of clearing a dungeon with friends.
    – Endless Labyrinth: Explore a complex maze with the power of three companions!
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    – « I couldn’t stop the game from starting- extremely hard, imo »

    – « the effort to overcome the overwhelming challenge is surprisingly refreshing »

    – « I think that this game is the type that lets you enjoy any game past the first playthrough »

    – « It’s not as easy as it seems »

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    – « One of the best action RPGs to come out in a long time »

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    As a lord of the power of the Elden Ring, the land of Attol has been blasted to dust by the magic of the divine body and the infirmity of age. Despite a small number of people remaining, the Lands Between, the wild land of Attol, has been gradually crawling with the creatures that were brought in to destroy the world.

    The monsters of the Lands Between have become particularly large, and the terrifying beasts of the wild seem to have eagerly invaded the world.

    The only way to halt their advance is to cross the Tarnished Plains, the Elden Ring, and the wilderness that lies between them.

    Fight the Monsters

    In the battle with the colossal monsters of the wild, you are tasked with slaughtering over 200 types of monsters including a Yeti, a gigantic centaur, and a giant snake.

    Aim at the monsters with arrows and unleash the might of your weapons by building up items known as “Barrage” or “Boon.” Shoot an arrow in order to land a hit and then attack, utilizing the easy-to-understand system of the Retry function.

    You can carry one weapon and one shield, and you can change their state. You can freely switch between an attack and defense stance, and equip items such as a powerful shield, and a heavy weapon.

    Defeat over 100 Types of Monsters

    In a large-scale battle with the powerful monsters that have invaded Attol, you have a variety of weapons and items at your disposal, and you will have to battle a huge number of enemies.

    You can adapt your character by equipping items, such as a shield, a sword, or a helmet, to your character. You can use items such as weapons and armor to enhance the strength of your physical body and strengthen your aim.

    In addition, you can come up with strategical solutions by using a variety of equipment such as shields or a variety of weapons.

    Unique features for immersion in combat

    When you are in a battle with a monster, you will be able to freely and dynamically change your body state from an offensive attack to a defensive stance. By changing your state, you can perform various special attacks.

    When you land a hit, you can automatically recover your state. You can also evade monsters by changing your body state to a defensive stance.



    What’s new:

    Episode 1: The Main Plot

    Out of an abundance of ignorance, the land warped into a twisted land. The Trolls in the south picked up on the wars, and were pursuing the Elves. The Elves were under attack from a monster, one that had never been seen before, so the Elves summoned their strongest heroes to come and try to prevent war. This is the Legend of Tarnished.

    Character Creation
    Approach Attributes to your character in different ways to create your character. For a character who excels in one thing, you can increase the rank of attributes accordingly. Increase the right attribute ranks to raise your stats.

    Episode 2: Out of the Blue Mountain

    I wish for some care to come over me…

    Characters can be created freely. The main character is assumed to be a member of the Heroes. Heroes have special abilities depending on the kind of trait the player chooses. For example, By building up the attribute ranks, you can raise your stats. The user that excels in one thing, such as the Front Line, can be boosted by the damage resist rank. And finally, the trait skill ranks can be chosen.

    Climb a dangerous mountain. Battle numerous enemies in the battle field. Fight Bosses and experience the high-stress action. Explore the vast world and its surroundings through physical and magical means, and grow and reach new heights. Travel all over the game world without physically moving. Experience a town with various AI, a huge dungeon, countless Arena battles, and combat in a town. You can even leave the game in real time.

    When does out launch? Do I have to buy the PC version? Will there be a collector’s edition? When will a PS4 version be released? I need an actual one not a digital version. Is it going to be dubbed? Can we see a cut of the PS4 version? Will there be more info on the PC version at all?



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    System Requirements:

    Intel Pentium 2 GHz or faster (CPUs with Hyper Threading Technology)
    1GB RAM
    1024×768 or higher screen resolution
    High speed Internet connection
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