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Elden Ring Games, Inc. is a video game company based in California with a goal of providing innovative and high-quality games to the worldwide audience. In the spirit of creating unique and adventurous gameplay experiences, we create high quality games in a wide range of genres. We believe that our games are best when unique and innovative.

Discovering our new game series featuring the world of Elden Ring is a great way to discover new games with lots of gameplay variety.


Twitter: @ElDrngJAPAN



3rd Wall:


PCSX2 or later.

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages are supported.

Language patches and support will be provided.

Language support and patches may be subject to change or be extended in time.

Not all languages will support all parts of the game.

If you experience technical issues while playing the game, please visit

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Features Key:

  • Introducing a new fantasy world where players can easily interact with each other to form a different world.
  • The next-generation battle system that is different from other fantasy RPGs that have been released.
  • A story that is made up of a series of moments and events filled with drama and surprise, letting players enjoy endless gameplay.
  • An online multiplayer, where you can play with your friends, quickly create a party, and interact with your friends.
  • An exciting story full of adventure that unfolds in a dynamic world with twists and turns.

    More information will be released at a later date.

    Defend the Sandstone in the New Elden Lord Costume, including the Launch ScreenWallpaper:

    Third-party website recommendation:

    Elden Rampage

    World Tree
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    Game Info

    ABOUT GAME URL Game Website © 2014 Koei, Co. Ltd. Koei and all other related trademarks,

    image and logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Koei Corporation

    ©2016 Vblank Entertainment. All rights reserved.

    ©2016 Me and My Games. All rights reserved. TERMS OF USE

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    Some information


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    Not only your weapons, but also your weapons are upgraded to new heights with some magical skills as rewards.

    This new all-in-one-package is available as pre-order bonus during the early access time.

    Many enhancements and craft skills are available as rewards from quests, and lead to new magical weapons as a gift to you.

    As you progress through the story and join the ranks of the Elden, you will receive new contents and challenges.

    See the contents here:


    Elden Ring is originally developed by Vanillaware Inc. to serve as an appendix of the Final Fantasy games, and now features the original characters of the Final Fantasy series as a game that you can enjoy for a long time.


    Please use the official Steam version.


    ※ All game screenshots are taken from the official Steam version.

    ※ Steam version is preliminary and may be adjusted before being released.


    ※ The game does not feature achievements or online play.


    ※ The DLCs included with the DLC bundle purchase are of the same version as the game.

    ※ The DLCs will be updated after the game is released.

    ※ DLCs are not included with the Steam version.



    This game may contain content inappropriate for minors. If you are under the age of 18, we strongly suggest that you do not use Steam or computer games in general.

    ※ Please note that images that appear on this page are created solely for demonstration purposes and may not appear exactly as they do on the product.

    ※ All images are in JPG and GIF formats and are not full resolution. They


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    For details on all of the stories, classifications, class combinations, and skill paths, consult the “Class Description” portion of your Inner Card. Remember that creating a class combination will eliminate all of your current traits; therefore, creating a class combination with the traits you desire will be more difficult than other combinations. However, your level rank will increase as you gain experience. For example, as a level 30 character, you are more easily able to create a level 30, 30, 1 combination.

    The following information is what is required to keep your Noble’s Attribute as a Orichalc:

    • Inner card 1 (Ego Trap) – Soul Memory
    • Inner card 2 (Evasion Adept) – Agrin’s Wisdom

    Soul Memory and Agrin’s Wisdom can be obtained by visiting the “How to Get Additional Inner Cards” section on the main page. In addition, Soul Memory can be obtained by killing Galressin, one of the seven Orichalcum Collectors. For more information on the Orichalcum Collectors, refer to the “Character Class Description” in the Appendix.

    Chapter 2: Hero of Serendia

    By completing the work assigned in the previous chapter, you entered the page of the legend. But it was not until you entered the “Adventurers Wanted” job that the participants “lost their lives.” In this new world, you make a living by becoming a hero of Serendia, turning the continent into a world that only heroes like you can live in—a world where your actions are finally and truly worthy of being called heroic.

    But the journey ahead of you is not a smooth one. The Dragon of Darkness, the most disturbing of all maggots, lingers in this terrible and perilous world. And as you set forth to take on the hordes of the forces of darkness that rule your world, the anxiety of finding your way through the maze of dangers will make every moment count.

    “Set the course that you have to pursue.” Although your tasks are simple, just as the name implies, you


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    Release Notes:


    Elden Ring is an RPG developed and published by NPS.
    File size: 6.4 GB
    Requires: 3.33 GB RAM

    Install Time: 10 seconds
    Currently I play: Dragon Quest IX & Brave Frontier Remastered
    Performance: 0.8 fps

    RUNS ON: Windows

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: 2.5 GHz
    Memory: 4 GB
    Graphics: Intel HD 4000 (DX11)
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 1 GB available space
    * Requires an internet connection and a Microsoft account.
    (Please note: the in-game store is not available for use in countries that are considered highly restrictive.)
    Sie können die 3D-Version von DiRT Rally spielen. Steam spielt dabei e


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